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 International Exhibitions


Exhibitions are an important marketing channel for businesses and have proved to be highly effective in creating a general awareness of the company especially in foreign markets.


Dubai Exports is dedicated to focussing on how to develop and further promote UAE manufacturing and services sectors to existing and new markets.


Several Dubai companies have successfully penetrated foreign markets and this is due not only to Dubai's location as the ideal link between East and West, but also the ability of local companies to compete in terms of price, the quality of their products and services, and consistently reaching and surpassing international standards.


We continue to develop economic policies and strategies, identifying key growth sectors and providing world class services to local and international investors. The ability to export is essential for successful expansion and Dubai Exports provides the resources and support to help companies become export-capable and enter overseas markets. We will open the gateways for our exporters throughout the world.


Exhibitions improve relationships with existing clients, develop relationships with new or potential clients, raise the organisation's profile and provide an ideal platform to launch a new product or service.


Image Building Exhibitions

The primary aim of participating in these events is to create an international awareness of Dubai as a sourcing and manufacturing hub. They are generally well established events that attract a high level of visitors and emphasise the geographical reach and the number of years that an event has been running to enhance credibility and reputation in international markets.


Export Promotion Exhibitions

Many established exporters may have already entered the markets in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. The aim of participating in Export Promotion Exhibitions which are held further afield is to expand a company's geographical reach and focus on attracting clients from new regions.


New Exporter Exhibitions

These events assist businesses who have little or no experience of exporting, so the emphasis will be on smaller more regional exhibitions.


Brand Building

Brand Building exhibitions develop the brand of a company in regional and international markets. This type of event will focus on franchising and licensing opportunities for domestic brands in foreign markets​

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