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Franchise Development & Promotion Services

Trade & export promotion & development, while being in existence for years now globally, continually seeks innovative ways to expand the capabilities of exporters. Hence Dubai Exports (DE) aims at identifying and taking forward new and innovative initiatives, mostly through strategic partnerships with suitable parties to the benefit of DE and its members.  Since its inception, Dubai Exports has been collaborating with various public and private entities in UAE and globally to identify organizations that can provide value added services to DE members.

One of the recent services developed by us is the provision of Franchising (Development & Promotion) Services to those companies who wish to expand into global markets at a lesser cost that Foreign Direct Investment. While the value added and preferential Franchise Development Services is recommended through our Strategic Partners, Franchise Promotion can also be done free of cost through our Overseas Offices in KSA, Russia, India, Germany, Brazil, Egypt, and Hong Kong. Currently our Franchise Development Partner is FRANCORP with reach to all corners of the world with Offices in Dubai, USA, Kuwait, Lebanon, Netherlands, Argentina, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico & Central America, Philippines, Chile, India, Pakistan, Japan and Belgium.


Franchise Development Services include the following:

Free Initial Francorp ConsultationAdvertising and Marketing Services
Franchise your Business SeminarsFranchise Internet Marketing
Strategic Planning/Business Plan DvptWeb System Development, Guidance, Consulting
Market Research & Competitive AnalysisMedia Plans & Budgeting
Prototype Development ConsultingFranchise Sales DVDs
Franchise Document Drafting ServicesTraining DVDs
State Filings & RegistrationsFranchise Sales Training
Operations Consulting/Manual developmentFranchise Management Training
General ConsultingImplementation Consulting


Whether or not to franchise needs to consider the business issues and weigh the pros and cons from an informed perspective. Franchising as a rapid expansion tactic is one of several options you should consider for its tremendous potential to grow your business quickly. How does franchising work? The key is in the creation of systems, which can be successfully duplicated through training and support. Other characteristics of a business that are attractive to potential franchisees include:  A Good track record of profitability, Businesses built around a unique or unusual concept, broad geographic appeal, relatively easy to operate, relatively inexpensive to operate and easily duplicated.


INTERESTED? Take a free test on your franchisability potential here and get your results instantly.


Franchise Promotion Services by Dubai Exports

Dubai Exports will also support franchise-ready companies who wish to promote their services abroad. The markets where Dubai Exports will currently actively promote your company (through distribution of your marketing collateral, arranging B2B meetings with potential franchisees in that market and supporting your marketing campaigns) to seek potential franchisees through our overseas Offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Russia, India, Germany, Brazil, Egypt, and Hong Kong.


For Further details, contact us at: or +9714 4455333.

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