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 Export Assistance Program


For many small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs), the Export Assist​ance Programme (EAP) is an invaluable means to access funding for their export operations. Its goal is to help aspiring and current exporters to explore international opportunities and to create, develop and expand export markets.

In line with the Dubai Strategic Plan 2021, the assistant programme seeks to help to increase the number of sustainable and successful national exporters in international markets and enhance the capacity of manufacturers and service providers in key industry sectors.


 Prom​oting Events

The EAP targets privately owned 'Qualified Entities'. These are SMEs, which are Dubai Exports members and are committed to – and capable of – developing export business by exporting goods and services of UAE origin (Eligible Products).

Qualified Entities are encouraged to promote exports, in order to create, seek or increase opportunities or demand outside the UAE for their Eligible Products. These 'Eligible Marketing Activities' include conducting market studies, market visits, exhibiting at trade exhibitions and buyer visits.

Certain expenses incurred in relation to Eligible Marketing Activities are considered for partial reimbursement under the EAP, called 'Eligible Expenses'. This reimbursement or 'Grant Payment' equates to a maximum of one-third of its Eligible Expenses incurred in an Eligible Marketing Activity.​

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