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  • General

      ​You can register online through this ​​link​.

      ​To be a member of Dubai Exports your company must be:
      • A manufacturing company based in the UAE and exporting through a Dubai-based port (airport, seaport or land port).
      • A trading company based in Dubai and exporting from Dubai.
      • A services company based in Dubai.

      ​Being a member of Dubai Exports gives you access to a host of export promotion services including:
      • Exhibitions to some of the leading shows in the world under the UAE Pavilion.
      • Focused B2B trade mission to a selection of countries.
      • Access to information such as trade statistics, country reports and industry reports.
      • Access to the Export Assistance Program for qualifying entities.
      • Invitations to training sessions conducted by Dubai Exports.
      • Use of our Export Resource Centre.
      • Opportunity to exhibit your products in our permanent exhibition center.
      • Services provided through Dubai Exports partnerships.
      • Assistance through our overseas offices.

      ​Becoming a member of Dubai Exports is free.

  • Export Advisory services

      ​Yes, you can. You will need to place your request through the website. Login to your account and fill in the general request form with detailed description of the required advisory assistance. For further assistance you can contact the Exporter Services Department team members.

      ​Dubai Exports provide exporters with wide range of free publications and reports. Members can benefit from our published trade statistics, trade regulations alerts, export capability reports, sector development reports and much more.  Additionally, we publish a monthly newsletter covering our major events and summaries of our latest research reports.

      ​The Partner Export Services are provided to exporters exclusively based on mutual agreements with such partners. From market intelligence and concessions during the exporting process to on-the-ground assistance in overseas markets, the Partner Export Services provides essential elements that drive a successful export business.

      ​Dubai Exports offers two types of training namely generic skill building which focus on issues such as negotiation, trade finance, etc. The second group of training courses focus on making exporters aware of the opportunities in overseas markets.

  • Export Resource Center

      ​The Export Resource Center is one of our main services that is available in Dubai Exports Office. The ERC provides a business environment in the heart of Dubai that not only showcases Dubai’s business and export capabilities to the world, but also develops and promotes exporters through value added services.

      Export Resource Center embraces two main facilities:

      1- Permanent Exhibition (Made in UAE): allows Dubai Exports members to showcase their product capabilities. Target visitors would include UAE Companies, International Buyers, Investors and International Trade delegations / partners.

      • Provision to physically display Dubai Exports member products, brochures and catalogues.
      • Provision to electronically display Dubai Exports member products.
      • Entire ERC is provided with Wi-Fi access.

      2- Information Center: comprise of physical books, periodicals and trade publication of UAE and rest of the world, segregated as per markets/countries, as also electronic trade databases and information. The information center would also have the “Quiet Rooms”/offices for the use of international partners as also a meeting room to facilitate Buyer- supplier matchmaking discussions.

      ​1- Join Dubai Exports and become one of our members.
      2- Visit the link below, follow simple steps and join the Dubai Exports Resource Center as one of the prominent co-exhibitors.

      ​Yes you can, and there are two ways:
      1- Visit the link below and register then you will have access to the publications and the reports.​
      2- Visit the ERC and use the information center.

  • Participation in international & local exhibitions
  • International On-the-ground Assistance

      ​10 Offices located in KSA, Egypt, India, Germany, Russia & Brazil.

      ​• Assist and develop Dubai's exports with its key trading partners.
      • Create and facilitate export opportunities for Dubai based firms.
      • Maintain and reinforces Dubai’s position as the key sourcing hub within the wider region.
      • Advise on general trading practices within the OTO country.
      • Enhance the wider activities of Dubai Exports through providing ‘on the ground’ support in the following areas: trade shows and exhibitions, trade missions, buyer/exporter matching events, lobbying local authorities to ease import impediments.
      • Provide local country data as well information on tenders, projects etc.
      • Enhance the export competitiveness of Dubai based exporters through the provision of appropriate market intelligence.
      • Promote an awareness and impact of the appropriate Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) through industry or market focused seminars, publications and electronic alerts.
      • Help Dubai exporters formulate and implement their export marketing strategies and trade promotion activities in the local country.
      • Conduct focused training programs to educate and encourage Dubai based exporters to enter the local market.
      • Coordinate the EDC’s activities in the local country and to build stronger relationships with government departments; industry associations; consumer groups etc.
      • Raise the general awareness and perception of Dubai based exports.

  • Export Assistance Program