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 Start Exporting

​​​From the first steps of becoming an exporter to the stage of developing an overseas presence we supply all the guidance needed to understand the logistics, the law and the economics behind exporting.


For many businesses, it is vital that they reach new markets and explore new opportunities. An ideal way to achieve these goals is through exporting. Dubai Exports has the knowledge, experience and tools to consistently support the export industry. Our services are designed to meet the needs of both goods and non goods based firms operating in dynamic global market

Dubai Exports will guide and support you through the following essential preparation steps:

  • Develop export awareness
  • Provide export help guides.
  • Provide information on export markets and their potential
  • ​Export Assistance Programme
  • Export Credit Insurance
  • Develop export skills
  • Assistant through local and international partners
  • Assess export capability and readiness


Before the planning stage even begins, companies need to be sure that they are ready and able to export. Dubai Exports will help you to assess your capability and where there are shortfalls, we will develop your business capabilities  so that you can begin exporting with ease


As soon as you have the ability to export, our insights will provide information on trade agreements to help you find your target markets and industry data to ensure you are maximising your opportunities.


We supply the latest market trends and statistics through trade publications and refer you to our partners who can help you take the most effective and efficient path to successful exporting through new initiatives and best practice.


To aid funding, the Export Assistance Programme can subsidise certain marketing campaigns to promote your company in overseas markets and the Export Credit Insurance Company provides comprehensive cover to reduce any potential risks related to accounts recieveables.


Dubai Exports members are guaranteed full support and hands-on help through every stage of their business.​

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